Innovation Design Engineering

Aegis expands a user’s awareness of the space around them. Aegis is a lightweight component that can be attached to the back of the neck for 360 awareness. It uses time of flight sensors to determine distance and velocity of an object traveling towards the user and notifies them by sending light electric signals in the corresponding direction the object is coming from.


We swapped projects with another group as part of the process and the starting point we were given was “What if ambient sounds could be used to enhance memory?” Backtracking slightly, we were really interested in how enhancing different senses could be used to eliminate blind spots as we went through our journeys. We were inspired by the nature and the various ways animals sense the world around them in addition to sight, such as how bats and dolphins used echolocation, or how sharks and cockroaches used electroreception. We also looked into how synesthesia could be used to amplify our understanding of our surroundings.


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