Facebook Hackathon: Advisomi

People of Color Facebook Hackathon (2015)

The app was designed for the Facebook Hackathon competition. We wanted to create an app that could help the user save time and money by avoiding making the same mistake twice. We won the award for best design.


We often make a mental note about a lot of things and lose track of them, which causes them to make the same mistake twice. We need a helper to remind them of notes they’ve made to themselves.


Advisomi is a cloud based app you can access from your phone or web browser. people can use to jot down notes to themselves. These can range from motivational quotes to reminders to never order pizza from that one place ever again. The main function to input advice can be done on the first screen when they open the app, allowing users to complete the task quickly without distracting from the regular pace of life. The advice are tagged so that it is easily retrievable. The bigger the tag, the more advice there are. We foresee the app to incorporate machine learning and geotagging in the future as well to make it smarter and more relevant.

The app has two main functions, allow the user to input advice and access the advice at a later date. The advice is organized based on user generated tags. We wanted to create an app that would be quick and easy to use, since the information might need to be accessed on the go. The pages are minimalistic and visual, so that information can be understood at a glance.



This was the first experience I've had working alongside coders to bring the product to life. It was an interesting challenge working on the app design at the same time coders were coding the app. There was a lot of back and forth discussion, parallel processing and limits on the design based on what the code could create.