Interactive Furniture: Study Lamp

Physical IxD in Interaction Design

Partner: HsuanTing Wu

The goal of the class was to explore physical interactions with furniture around us. We worked with the arduino and some basic sensors to explore the ways we can interact with the furniture around us.

HusanTing and I worked together to develop the concept and build it. I helped figure out most of the code while she created the cad document for the laser printer. She helped film the concept video and I edited the final cut.


We approached the project by trying to find a feasible solution for a problem many students face. From personal experience, we knew that college students often need to cram for exams late into the night. On occasion, we fall asleep while studying and wake up with a sore neck and unprepared for the exam in mere hours.


By using a motion detector, we can detect when there are long durations of inactivity, which means either the user is away from their desk and not studying, or they're asleep. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the beeper sounds, alerting the user to continue studying. The user activates "study mode" by slipping their phone into the slot which has a break beam sensor inside. This feature has dual purposes: the user is not distracted by the phone while studying, and allows the lamp to be used even when not studying.



Coding and 3d modelling:

During this project, I was able to practice and gain two valuable skills: coding and 3d modelling. There were a lot of times when we came across a block and would get stuck for hours or days, but eventually we found the solution and were able to move on. 

Final Video