WhizTouch - App User Flow and User Interface Design

Role: User Scenario, User Flow and User Interface, Interaction Design

Product Website

WhizTouch is an IoT call button device for elderly with at-home caretakers. The device is designed to lighten the load of caretakers, so that they do not have to constantly check on the elderly. WhizTouch is two parts, one is a physical device for the elderly, which is then paired with either one or more smartphones via an app. If the elderly need help, they can press the WhizTouch and the caretaker will receive a notification on their smartphone. WhizTouch 

The user flow and user interface (which is not just limited to the app, but also includes the physical call button) were redesigned to bring clarity to the user. The app provides the right information at the right time so that the caretaker is not overwhelmed with unnecessary information. Initial testing was done with a small group of users and the response to the app was very positive. Many people appreciated the clean design and straighforward flow. The product is currently undergoing further user-testing with a larger group of users.