Workplace Arcade - Mascot

Workplace Arcade Internship (2016)

Another major task I had to do during my internship was to create a mascot for the brand to use on the website and to bring some personality to the brand. I worked closely with the CEO to understand what kind of image he wanted to portray with the mascot. I created a mood board to define the style and color palette of the mascot. Since we gamify the work space, we wanted to show a fun personality while at the same time conveying professionalism. We also tried to stick with a style that would work in harmony with the existing logo.

Mood board

We decided to go for the trending geometric style to match the triangles in our logo. At first we went with a bright color scheme to match our logo as well, but it did not convey the professionalism that we wanted.

To the right are some initial concept sketches I created for the mascot to go with the following topics on our website

  • Performance
  • Training
  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Employee
  • Manager
  • CEO

Initial sketches

I then worked with a contracted artist to bring these concepts to life. All the drawings below were by Josephine Chang

Final Mascots

After fiddling with the colors a bit more, we ended up with the final mascots below.