Workplace Arcade - App Architecture + Game system

Workplace Arcade Internship (2016)

My main task during the internship was to work with the CEO to improve the game system of the employee engagement system. I also noticed that while I was using the app, I would often get lost while navigating it. Pressing the back button didn't always lead to where I expected it to lead to, so I made it one of my tasks to lay out the app architecture and communicate with the engineers properly to make it more intuitive.



- the previous game system had too many performance trackers, making the game system confusing to follow
- there was a reward system for each tracker, which decreased the meaningfulness of each reward
- most of the incentives were in game rewards, which made it hard for most non-gamers to feel motivated by rewards such as rank, badges and recognition stars.
- the turnover rate of employees is higher in retail stores (on average 1-3 months), so it was important that the game system was easy to pick up

I simplified the game system so that I spoke with managers and employees of our retail clients to get a better understanding of which trackers they placed the most importance on, which was reflected in the UI. I also worked with the CEO to incorporate more real world prizes such as movie tickets and store credits (we were able to add Asos, Steam and Amazon credits to our store which could be exchanged with Tokens).