Hi there!

I am an Experience Designer currently enrolled in an MSc/MA program Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College London and Royal College of Art. I graduated from the University of Washington class of 2016 with a Bachelor of Design in Interaction Design.

I admire Japanese minimalism and I approach design problems from a psychologist's standpoint. I have a wide range of interests, from ceramics to photography. During my free time, I enjoy reading novels, writing, and taking on mini DIY projects. I am obsessed with gradients(example of my current favorite gradient on the right) and ampersands.

I have a problem with being unable to turn my designer glasses off (I can’t stop analyzing posters for kerning and alignment, orphans and widows in a paragraph stand out to me, the user experience of whatever I’m using is always on my mind, and I can never look at chairs the same way again). I’m passionate about solving problems and making the world a better place, especially for marginalized groups.

If you are interested in working with me or want to ask me some questions,
feel free to contact me.

email: mskuei@uw.edu

linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/melindakuei